5 things you can do for your mental health


In my blog for March I wanna talk about mental health. I’m glad itś been a more popular subject these days. I’m gonna share 5 tips that you can use today to have a stronger mental health.

First you can’t expect to have good mental health without doing anything about it. Itś like thinking that your gonna be fit without working out.  When I say mental health I mean your thought patterns and the way you see and talk to yourself. The voice in your head that only you can hear.

There are exceptions, people who have brain injuries or gone through a very traumatic event in their life. You can’t say someone like that “hey just think positive”

I’m talking about normal human beings who are trying to figure out how to live their day to day life by having more control over their emotions.  I have experienced depression, low self esteem and a feeling of hopelessness. Life doe’s not always work out the way you want and that’s ok. You can’t change the circumstances but you can change your attitude about it.


  1. Exercise – People who exercise have a stronger mental health than people who don’t, why? Because human nature is lazy and to work out you need to push yourself. You do that mentally by forcing yourself. I honestly don’t know anyone who is always excited to work out. If you smart you understand the benefits and do it anyway. The rewards are awesome I promise you!
  2. Spiritual side of life  I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s important to figure out why you are here? Everyone has a different mission. Meditations has helped me to find my way through life. But let’s bring my sweet grandmother for an example. She dedicated her life to raising kids. She has 2 daughters and she also raised 6 grandkids. I’m one of the lucky 6. Her life mission was to do that. She still says that the happiest times in her life where when she had all the grandkids running around in the country side. It’s important to figure out your purpose. You know your doing the right thing when you lose the track of time and you give your all without anyone asking you to do that. 
  3. Good relationships  All toxic people out! You have to set the boundaries. I always like to remind myself that you are who you surround yourself with. If your around people with low self esteem or they try to make you feel less than you are, they gotta go. Also value your time! If someone is always negative and not willing to change why would you share your time with them? If you hear that negativity all the time what do you think it does to your mental health? It’s not making you more confident that’s for sure. You can’t choose your family but you can choose who your friends with. I like to have friends I can look up to.
  4. Find inspiration – If you think you’r life is hard I guarantee there’s people who have it way worse. I like to listen motivational tapes and be inspired by peoples life story’s. Story’s that empower and make you feel like “if she could do it so can I”. You can reprogram your brain if you want, it’s just gonna take time. Also it helps to be grateful for the little things in life. Grateful heart is a happier heart.
  5. Your head is not a trashcan – Because of  the Internet entertainment has been taken to a whole other level. You can spend few hours looking at different videos on youtube, facebook, instagram and it’s all for free! Not really. I think it’s only matter of time when there’s gonna be more regulations and researches that show how social media and internet can have negative effect on your brain. The suicide rate has gone up rapidly in the ages of 12-19. Also people attention spam is shorter than ever. The scrolling and swiping effects messes with your brain in a way that when you need to focus on something it’s much harder. 

I hope these tips help you to find more balance in your life. Happiness is a full time job and it’s not easy to achieve it. It’s much easier to be negative. I encourage you to always try to see the positive side of life. We all have something to be grateful for. This coming month is gonna be challenging with the first retrograde of the year starting march 5th  and Uranus changing signs. This Mercury Retrograde can cause some confusion and anxiety within our daily routine and communication. But it’s not all bad.  Mercury retrograde is the planet’s way of forcing us to take a step back and review our circumstances. Also Uranus is changing signs for the next 7 years and that always comes with a change. It’s gonna be a exciting month.

Thank you for visiting my blog  🌺

Love and blessings