When life around you is changing – go with the change.

When life around you is changing – go with the change. There’s no reason to struggle against it, instead do your best and embrace it.

For a while I had thoughts about leaving the city. I felt like I didn’t belong there anymore. The last few months staying there was very hard for me. Moving in general is difficult specially when you are not 100% sure where you gonna go next.

I did make it happen though, packed my stuff and flew to the Bahamas. A very nice lady helped me find a place and now I’m all set. I’ve always felt at peace when I’m in nature and this place has a magical effect on me.


I live in a neighborhood with surfers, artist, sailors and just local people. It’s a small community and people of all ages hang out and get along. I also feel like people who live here enjoy being by themselves. There’s no other way they could live here because when the tourist season is over it gets really quiet and you have to be comfortable with that.

The flow of life is different here, it’s slow. September is a very stressful month because of all the hurricanes. When I first visited this island I was wondering why people never talk about hurricanes. It’s because when the storms come that’s all everyone talks about. It’s definitely safer to live in a stone house than wood. Looks like this year went smooth.

With the community I think I have blended in nicely. I mostly keep to myself and do my writing, exercising and lately I’ve been into growing flowers and  have future plans for tomatoes and all that good stuff. I need to wait another month before it cools down and I can start planting. It’s really hot here at the moment. I also love that I naturally wake up every morning before sunrise and that I’m in a opinion free environment.

I also got myself a dog. There’s so many homeless puppies on the island. I named mine Lily. She followed me to the beach one day. I think her previous owner was beating her or something cause she’s very submissive and gets really scared when I raise my voice on her. Sheś the sweetest little thing and she is learning.



When it comes to songwriting and singing I feel a better connection with myself and I trust myself more. The new music that I am working on is very different from my previous stuff.  At least that’s how it feels to me. I’m in a more positive mindset.


I’m gonna be sharing story’s from the island and thoughts once a month here in my blog.

Thank you so much for visiting.  💕