Perfect Scenario



I started my music journey at very young age. I was always fascinated how music is created. Something magical happens each time when inspiration comes. When I was in my teens I heard someone say that to write good music you have to experience life. I think thatś great advice for any artist. Itś very difficult to write about something you haven’t experienced.

Traveling and living in different locations has been a great source of inspiration to me. I was able to live in the Bahamas for some time and write music there. The island was a healing place for me. I went there and found answers to a lot of questions. I also figured out my style of music while living there.


“Ideaalne Stsenaarium” is the first song from my bossanova influenced album. Originally I wrote this song in English but created this Estonian language version for my grandparents. Itś a great song to introduce the whole vibe. When I started writing this album my goal was to create a positive experience for the listener. We all have problems and things we deal with every day. I feel like music should be one of those things that makes you feel better.

Right now my album is in the middle of mixing. I wanted to have everything ready before focusing on the visuals. I’m very happy with the overall vibe. Itś like a vacation to your ears. Tropical, breezy, romantic bossanova mixed with some chill hop hop beats.

The whole album is gonna be in English but I’m also gonna keep writing in my native language. I made a promise to myself that from now on  I’m gonna release at least one Estonian song every year.

It takes a lot of time and preparation to have everything ready but itś happening. I’m waiting for the traveling to return to normal so I could go back to the island and start working on the visuals.

Thank you for supporting and being here.