Island life

One of the main reasons why I moved to the island is music. I wanted to find a deeper connection with myself so I could write better songs. I’m also a introvert so being by myself is nothing scary to me I actually like it. I have already learned so much from the time I’ve spent here.

When I look at the local people I have to say that most of us have it pretty good. It’s so hard to find good quality food here. If you wanna eat out there’s really nothing healthy anywhere and it’s very expencive. Food has been one of my biggest struggles here.

I cook for myself every day and try to plan out my meals as good as possible. Smoothies, fruits and rice have become my everyday food. I usually have a smoothie for lunch and add almond butter for extra calories.

Eating healthy has always been a important part of my life. That dosn’t mean I never eat pizza or have sweets. I just do it in moderation and my main intension always is to get good nutrition from what I eat. For me food is like gasoline. You don’t wanna put bad gasoline to your car why would you do that to your body?

In this months blog I also wanted to talk about music and my creative process. About 3-4 years ago I had an idea to write a latin bossanova influenced album. I use Logic Pro X for recording.

Lot of times I write on samples and improvise on them until I have a song and structure. Structure meaning, verse melody and chorus, the order and everything depending on the song. Usually I have the melody first and then I write the lyrics. With lyrics I also like to collaborate with people. It’s nice to bounce ideas around.

Finding the right samples for the bossanova style was more difficult than I thought and most of them didn’t sound authentic enough. I started learning how to play guitar and wrote few songs like that. I’ve been writing this album about 2-3 years now. I’m very happy with the songs and I think it’s my best work so far.

Bossanova music has uplifted my mood many times in life and I wanted to create something close to it but have a modern twist to it. Right now I’m working on recording vocals and figuring out the modern twist. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to have the first songs finished. I’m gonna do my very best to release the first single beginning of 2019.

Thank you so much for checking in.

I hope you have a beautiful month of November.