My Longboarding Journey


I never thought that I would be longboarding. When it comes to things where you can get hurt I have always been very careful. I haven’t broken a bone in my life. When I moved from the island to Florida I took my hyper active Labrador/Pitbull mix Toby with me. I knew right away it’s gonna be challenging to have him indoors. He’s such a intense boy and the best thing that happened was that I got into longboarding. Let’s be honest who has time to walk their dog 3-6 miles a day. 


First Longboard

What I like about the pintail 41” Sector 9 longboard is how stable it is. It really is the perfect beginners board. You don’t have to have crazy good balance to get going. It’s the perfect board if you are looking something to just cruise around. The wheels are pretty big and soft but don’t let it fool you. They don’t go over rocks or sticks very well. I had to learn the hard way. I guess the biggest fear I always had about skateboarding was to fall. It’s common sense that when you do things like that one point you gonna fall. So I nervously was anticipating it. The first big crash was with my dog. We where cruising and he saw another dog. I didn’t react quickly enough and Toby cut infront of me and I crashed into him. I was pretty shocked after that. Took me some time to get back on the board. My hands healed up good and the bruises eventually go away.




After the pintail board I saw all kind of different shape boards and wanted to try them out. I had no idea that there’s so many different styles and ways to skateboard. Next I decided to go with 38″ Sector 9 freerider board. I wanted to learn how to carve and this board looked like a lot of fun. The carver board is easier to turn compared to the pintail and it sits much lower to the ground. You can definitely do more with it compared to the pintail longboard. The only thing to remember is that when you picks up some speed the board starts wobbling. Also I didn’t realize at first that every time you carve you actually slowing yourself down. 



Dancing longboard 

Then I saw people online with the dancing longboard. I picked out Loaded Bhangra V2 and it’s 48,5″ long. The dancing longboard is my favorite, even though I don’t have the dance moves yet. I love cruising around and you can easily carve. The tires are so soft and big and the whole board moves so effortlessly. The wood is extremely light and you have so much space. It’s the perfect board. I really wanna learn how to do the dance moves and I’m thinking about taking some classes soon. 


Lately I have been safe riding. It honestly is the worst feeling to crash. My last fall I almost broke my wrist so I’m always wearing wrist quards now. If I would have started skateboarding younger I’m sure I would be doing tricks but now after few decent falls I think I’m good just cruising around. Longboarding is one of those things that when you figure it out your always want to skate. It feels so free to move in the space like that.


If you are interested trying out longboarding here are websites of my favorite brands.

I also recommend getting the wrist guards and proper protection gear.

Street Wrist Guard – Black

I hope this blog was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook.

Sending you all good vibes