What it’s like to live in L.A?

I’m sure there’s lot of people who wonder what it’s like to live in a city of angels with 4 million people. Glamorous film and entertainment mecca. From the outside it looks like a dream place to live. In this blog I’m sharing some of my point of views. I used to live in L.A and got a pretty good life experience there. I would say that this city made me grow up.

When I lived in Estonia I was always in a safe environment and I had my family around. When I moved to L.A I def had pink sunglasses on and I thought that everyone I met was a good person. Very grateful that I had some good friends around who helped me to figure things out. I learned a lot from that time. I just recently visited L.A again and it reminded me why I wanted to live there in the first place.

Here is my  4 positive and  4 negative sides.


  1. Climate – It gets little chilly in the winter time but that’s ok. Day time the sun is out every day. The weather is really nice and that’s why so many people wanna live in California. When you go hiking the landscape is really pretty and you get to see Californias natural side. I also really enjoyed being close to the ocean. Santa Monica and Malibu are very beautiful locations.
  2. Food – Since theres so many different cultures and people you can find any kind of food. I’m a big fan of sushi and I can’t say no to a good burger. It’s also easy to be vegan or vegetarian. Most restaurant menus have option for that. I really enjoy the food in L.A!
  3. Creative people – L.A is filled with talent,  it’s amazing place to meet and collaborate. It’s very career driven and there’s lot of competition. It can get little overwhelming sometimes so it’s important to remember who you are and keep doing that. Never compare yourself to others. The only person you compete is you.
  4. Yoga – L.A has a lot of great yoga teachers and going to yoga was such a big part of my life. I use to do outside yoga classes and really enjoyed laying in the ground and looking at the sky. It helped me to find a balance in the city life. It  also opened up a new way I saw spirituality.


  1. Noise – It’s pretty much everywhere all the time. No day will go by without hearing the cars, bikes, helicopters, ambulance or police. For me long periods in noise just didn’t work. I felt a strong pull to hear the ocean, birds, wind. Sounds of nature.
  2. Traffic – It’s stressful and it takes a while to get from one side of the city to another. L.A is pretty spread out. It’s def a good idea to live close to where you work.
  3. Expensive – The rent is the biggest expense. Most people struggle to pay it. The prices start $1500 a month if you wanna live in a decent neighborhood. It’s very chasing dreams and money kind of city. Very hard to find love and people who truly care for you.
  4. Crazy people – Lots of empty promises and talk. Sorry to say that but it’s true. Specially when your new to the city people will tell you whatever you wanna hear. It’s so important to have a strong intuition to figure out the ones who are wasting your time and don’t have good intentions.

Artist are very sensitive creatures and it’s important to be careful and do your research before making any decisions. I’ve heard many story’s where the music industry has been so cruel that the artist has a life long trauma afterwards. Record labels have made artist sign contracts where they give up rights for their music and voice. That’s just crazy, how can someone else own your voice?!


Overall I think it’s a great place to live if your social, like to have a good time and wanna make it in the entertainment industry. It is important to remember your intentions and goals, when you do forget the city will swallow you up and spit you out. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog

I hope you have a beautiful month of February 💞